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FREE BOOK! - From Publisher & Best Selling Author Mr. Kelly Cole

Everybody Has A Book In Them!

Entrepreneur Magazine said The World's Best Marketing Tool is a Book.

I have a question for you:

Are you paying attention to what's going on around you?

Everybody's using a book to grow their
multi-millionaire businesses.

Everyone from Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson to Grant Cardone, Everybody is using a Book!

Mr. Kelly Cole is gonna show you why they are doing it and how they are doing it and how you can do it too.


Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Other Secrets That You'll Be Given For FREE...

  • How To Write A Book In 2 Weeks
  • Ideas Of Books You Can Create
  • How To Use A Book To Get Paid Speaking Engagements
  • The Steps To Publishing Your First Book
  • The Steps To Hitting The Amazon Best Sellers List
  • Step by Step Real Life Case Studies
  • The 6-Figure Book Formula

Having A Book:

  • Brands You As An Instant Expert In Your Field
  • Separates You From The Pack
  • Creates Several New Income Streams
  • Builds A Platform To Get More PAID Speaking Gigs
  • Gives You A Product to Sell at Speaking Gigs
  • Becomes A Lead Generator for your Business
  • Opens the doors to countless opportunities that wouldn't be available if you didn’t have a book

A Book puts you in Position to get Publicity, Publicity gets you PAID!

Mr Cole on ABC News Channel 11
Mr. Kelly Cole - Born in the most notorious housing project in the world “Cabrini Green” in Chicago, IL Kelly Cole can literally say he came from nothing. Determined to not remain at the bottom Kelly started his first business at age 6 with his sister. Kelly has owned 2 clothing stores, 2 restaurants and was a barber for 10yrs all before finding his true passion marketing and book publishing.

Kelly has since become the CEO of Publishing Advantage Group,
a 2X #1 Best Selling Author, Coach & Speaker. Kelly has authored and published over 50+ paperback, audio and e-books to date.

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Myths About Creating A Book:
  • You have to be an expert - Not True
  • You have to like writing - Not True
  • Its takes a long time to write a book - Not True
  • You have to be a Celebrity - Not True

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Becoming A Best Selling Author Is The Key That Will Unlock the Door To Everything You Ever Wanted!
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