Dr. Eddie Morris President of Men of Destiny

Chet Pete (Associate Campus Pastor Elevation Church UC Charlotte)

Danial Petrie (Founder of The Fatherhood Encouragement Project)
On Mr. Kelly Cole Keynote Speech In Rockford, IL

Dreama Hawkins (Director Judah Theological School of Ministry)
On Kelly Cole and Solomon Wealth Formula

Pastor Ricardo Dorcean
(Lead Pastor at The Father’s Kingdom Christian Center)

What Are People Saying About Kelly Cole

Letter from Norfolk State University

Jesse Cole Life & Leadership Coach
“Sir. Your mixtape inspired me. I listened to the entire thing on my way to work. I’ve listened to other peoples motivational mixtapes but yours did something to me. Thanks again for being obedient.”

Michael Paulino Alban CEO Freshman Year Clothing Co.
“Meeting with Kelly Cole was nothing short of an incredible experience. My mind was blown by his perspective on so many creative aspects, and it changed the way I look and operate my clothing line / photography business. We spoke about marketing towards an audience, and I’m stoked to use all the new information to keep grindin!”

Royal Ezenwa Recording Artist- “I recently had a 2 hour coaching session with Kelly and my time with him was well spent. The tips he showed and coaching he offered me simply blew my mind. I highly recommend him to any individual who truly desires to elevate to the next level.”

“Kelly Cole is a Marketing Guru!” Queensley Felix (OWN Network)

“In the process of creating my album, Kelly came along side of me and gave me some Amazing advice and tips on how to market it and he also helped me plan my tour. Need help with marketing your music? Kelly is The Man to Get with!”
~ Mark Johnson (Recording Artist)

“If Anybody (besides God) Can Make A Person Successful, It’s Kelly Cole! He gets the Job Done!”
Brianne Celeste (Singer / Recording Artist)

“Kelly is Joe Jackson, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Clive Davis all rolled into one!”
~ Rob Williams (Singer / Recording Artist)